The Eagles Are Rising

A commemorative song co-authored by Al Curving & Dan Laurie


The Eagles Are Rising was written by CW5 Retired Albert G. (AL) Curving and Mr. Daniel (Dan) Laurie IV, both lifetime USAWOA members and Honorary Order of the Eagle Rising (HOER) recipients, in 2017 for the 100th Anniversary of the US Army Warrant Officer on 9 July 2018. Al and Dan have more than 100 songs registered with the Library of Congress under the pen-name Slices of Life – Story In Song, some of which can be viewed at:
The Eagles Are Rising is free to use or perform in support of the US Army Warrant Officer COHORT anywhere in the world and is available in three versions as of 9 March 2023.
The a Capella version is in four-part harmony as arranged by Ms. Michelle Uhler, Music Director of Morris Hills High School in Rockaway Township, NJ. It was first performed by the Knights Templar Choir of Morris Hills High under Ms. Uhler’s direction in celebration of Memorial Day weekend in May 2019. Chief Curving later synchronized a Warrant Officer slide presentation to this version which is available for download from YouTube, in addition to the MP3 audio file, and the musical notation in four-part harmony.
A Piano-Percussion-Tenor Vocal version was arranged on 19 April 2019 by CW4 Retired Charles (Chuck) Booker, a retired US Army Bandmaster. It has not yet been publicly performed as of 9 March 2023; but the MP3 instrumental audio file and the musical notation are available for download.
A Brass Quintet version was arranged in 2022 by SPC Douglas Olenik under the direction Bandmaster WO1 Brian Dorgan. It was performed by the 399th in celebration of the 104th Anniversary of the US Army Warrant Officer Corps on 9 July 2022 by the 399th, and is available for download from YouTube, as well as the musical notation.
For further information, please contact the Warrant Officer Historical Foundation (WOHF) or CW5 Retired Al Curving at .

CW5 (RET) Al Curving

Co-author of “The Eagles Are Rising”.

Mr. Dan Laurie

Co-author of “The Eagles Are Rising”.