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Listed below are the WOHF Corporate Officers and External Directors


All officers and directors may be contacted at the Corporate Email Address:

Corporate Officers


Albert G. Curving                               President/Chief Executive Officer and Director

David A. Ratliff                                   Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, Historian and Director 

Thomas A. Piatti                                Secretary/Chief Administrative Officer and Director

Donald W. Woodruff, Sr.                  Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer, Registered Agent, and Director

Franklin D. Meeks                             Chief Information Officer and Director

Keith R. Prather                                 Chief Compliance Officer and Director

John A. Robinson                               Chief Strategy Officer and Director


External Directors


Richard C. Markle                             Chairman

Gary R. Nisker                                   Vice Chairman

Robert N. Cooper                             Director

John R. Du Teil                                  Director

Scarlett Bernier                                Director